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Bath Brews

Lotions & Potions "Bath Brews" are safe & helpful remedies against stress, anxiety & insomnia; they help combat fatigue, loss of energy, improve alertness & performance. Our all natural bath tea formulas are developed from traditional recipes using aromatherapy techniques. They are composed of natural herbs to give a soft fragrance & oatmeal to soften the water and skin with no artificial flavors, coloring, fragrances.

Three giant tea bags per package.


ClariTea Bath Brew

*Spearmint, Ginkgo Leaf, Rosemary & Oatstraw*

Clear thinking is something the world needs more of! Thankfully, Claritea is a special blend of herbs that nourish and stimulate mental function. Blended with Spearmint, it really refreshes the senses!



Immunitea Bath Brew


A blend of echinacea purpurea and angustfolia root and leaf. The addition ginseng, chinese astragalus root and licorice root make this a powerful immune stimulant. Other secondary herbs have been added for aroma. Soak in this brew when you feel a cold coming on, or any time you feel run down.



Serenitea Bath Brew

*Lavender & Chamomile*

Lavender unwinds the mind; balances & lifts the spirits. Chamomile soothes the mind and spirit; it's a gentle astringent and healing for all ages and skin types. Oatmeal has been added to gently softens sensitive or irritated skin - also beneficial to most skin types.



Sensualitea Bath Brew


A euphoric fragrance designed to induce joy, release inhibitions and arouse the senses. Stimulants including bergamot, sandalwood, jasmine & lavender.


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