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Our Philosophy

Here at Lotions & Potions we work day and night to produce the most effective products we can without the use of harsh irritating chemicals. You will never find toxic chemicals in our products. Instead of filling up our products with unnecessary fillers, we add only healing ingredients found in nature.

Our products contain organic or wildcrafted herbs, butters, hydrosols and plant oils. This is not only good for your skin but also for the environment. We only use recyclable packaging and offer incentives on the return of empty, washed containers to us. All of our products are made with 70-100% certified organic ingredients.

Why Lotions & Potions?

-100% Vegan; no animal by-products used whatsoever. Some companies that sell Vegan bath and body products have Vegan products simply as a niche sub line of products and include non-vegan ingredients or practices in the rest of their products. Good purely Vegan products are hard to find and that is why this small company is dedicated entirely to animal-free products!

-100% Handmade from the heart. Lotions & Potions was started because we have a passion for quality, all natural plant based, organic products. Every batch of products is made by hand with care to provide a product worth bragging about!

-Preservative Free; no harsh chemical preservatives just fresh products in small batches! With no preservatives you are guaranteed a fresh batch of handmade bath & body goodies. These products have an excellent shelf life with proper care and no negative side effects from synthetic preservatives.

-100% Natural Fragrance; if not directly from essential oils from organic and natural food grade, food derived extracts. Sensitivity to fragrance is a very common problem. Sneezing, asthma-like symptoms, skin irritations, many are a result of synthetic chemical fragrances that are heavily used in perfumery for their shelf life and less expensive prices.

-Chicago made! Small, dedicated, local business sincerely appreciating your support.

-100% Cruelty Free - no animal testing and no ingredients tested on animals. Numerous companies that sell themselves as "all natural" or "botanical" and advertise that they do not test on animals continue to have animal by-products in their goods, including lanolin, collagen, bees wax, honey, etc. Lotions & Potions has never and will never test on animals.

The Creator


Frustrated with trying to find the 'perfect' body products, Victoria Slone created Lotions & Potions in 2002. Being militantly opposed to the use of such nasties as mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances, this has led Victoria on a lifelong search for the ever elusive Holy Grails of natural skincare. Victoria who was instructed by internationally renowned aromatherapist, Francoise Rapp, is well versed on the subjects of herbalism, aromatherapy and homeopathy. She is a firm believer in the fact that whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. It is featured in stores nationwide and also at B52's, Kate Pierson's,"Lazy Meadow Motel" in New York.

Victoria's most recent accomplishments have been being featured on two segments for HGTV shows, "Crafters Coast to Coast" and "That's Clever," creating and organizing the Fall Annual Rockwell Crossing Artwalk in Chicago and "Create" An Arts & Crafts affair.

Upcoming Events:

Cupid's Day Out - Sat., Feb. 9th

-The Handmade Market - Sat., March 8th

Past Events:

-Renegade Craft Fair- Sept. 15-16th

-Rockwell Crossing Artwalk - Oct. 6th

-Conference for Conscious Living - Nov. 3rd

-IIDA Bizarre Bazaar - Nov. 12th

-DIY Trunkshow- Nov. 17th

-Depart-ment- Nov. 30 - Dec. 2nd

-Art vs. Craft- Dec. 8th

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Customer Service

*Free shipping applies to all orders over $20.00 and excludes Alaska & Hawaii. Please email for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii & overseas.

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