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Foaming Shower Mousse

Our rich-foaming shower gels care for your skin without harsh detergents. All lathering agents in our foam soaps are derived from natural botanical sources for gentle cleansing. We then add a special blend of natural ingredients that gives each natural body wash a unique benefit that will clarify and refresh.

A delicious mix of rich sweetness of summer sun-kissed Blackberries entwined with green leaves, white musk and an unexpected herbal zing of basil. The rich, winey Blackberry takes predominance over the edible leaves and lightly anise-scented basil. Comes in a 12 oz. recyclable container.



Sweet and juicy, fresh, ripe cantaloupe and a delicate heady exotic lily are combined to create this is a beautiful fragrance. Comes in a 12 oz. recyclable container.



This scent has a subtle freshness to it which is a great counter balance to the warm notes. The oatmeal base is touched with the nutty addition of almond and rounded out with a gentle powdery scent of soy that really makes this a very comforting and haunting scent. Comes in a 12 oz. recyclable container.
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